About Us

It all started ....the year 2010

A dear friend of mine was talking to me about a different game; a 3D world named Second Life.

Instant dreams...

I was immediately attracted to this new 3D environment and was intrigued or I might say fascinated with it.

It never interested me to be an actual avatar in this new world. 

I saw potential in the business part of it.

I owned many regions in Second Life but at the end it was not enough for me. I wanted to create my own world.

I started looking for programmers and engineers to see if I could build such a world.

That is when I found AviNation. A world similar to Second Life and it was using the opensimulator code.

Once I found the opensimulator I was on the way to build my own.

This has lead me to now. It has been a mountain of learning and new experiences. I have failed many times and I am not going to hide it. 

Each time I failed I learned and I have accumulated this vast knowledge and experience.

Welcome to AviWorlds!

Feeed Your Imagination!

Alex Ferraris. President & Ceo, founder.

Josh Boam. Our super smart techy man and business partner.