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3D Metaverse Create Your World!

Free to Play!
Regions Start at 10 USD/M with 20K Prims
Why pay higher prices when you can get the same thing for a fraction of the price.
All Regions are hosted on servers with Solid State Hard Drives
Sl Compatible Physics, Drag and drop scripts.
All Regions are backed up every hour on the hour for rollback capability
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Grid Status
Regions 472
Varregion 122
Normal region 350
256 Sims 1,205
Land Mass 160,235,520
Users 4,285
In world 16
Local 14
HG 2
30 days 1,646
Stats are refreshed every 5 minutes
AviWorlds News
Rolling Restarts 6/22/2022
Made at Jun 22 2022 1:42.08PM

Issue with Nvidia 516 driver update and Firestorm
Made at Jun 18 2022 11:40.45AM

Server Outage
Made at Jun 13 2022 9:22.41PM