Avi-Labs is the hosting company responsible for AviWorlds Grid. After many tryouts with third party hosting companies; realizing there was no positive outcome I decided to create my own hosting company so that cost and also reliability would not be a problem any longer.

Since opening Avi-Labs; AviWorlds has been more than reliable; it has been stronger and also much more cost effective. Plus it gave me a chance to acquire much more knowledge in the virtual reality world business.

Now I can offer this vast knowledge to you. Over 11 years experience.


AVI-Labs Hosting program

Pricing and services.

Avi-Labs is only going to take on serious customers so please if you are not sure this is what you want; do not do it. If you are sure about it than you've come to the right place. Why I say this? Because I was in your place before and I will give you the best service. Yes it is pricey but it is honest. Avi-Labs will not over sell a server. You will get your own server and your own grid administrator (ROBUST). 

Avi-Labs will accept private grid projects, educational projects, research projects and business projects.

Here is the price and list of services Avi-Labs will offer you.

  1. Server 1 a 32 gig ram server, 8 core, 4 ghtz, over 400 bps upload speed, 800 bps download speed. This server will be for your ROBUST. The program that manages your entire grid. Your welcome region will be installed in it plus the money module and the simple registration website.
  2. Sever 2. a 32 gig ram server, 8 core, 4 ghtz, over 400 bps upload speed, 800 bps download speed. This server will host your 14 to 20 regions. It will be your first region sever. 
  3. You will be able to send us all our OARS (region backups) and choose the region names as your wish.
  4. Data Base clean up and maintenance. Once per week.
  5. Region cache clean ups. Once per week.
  6. Core updates.
  7. 3 WINDOWS server platform keys.
  8. Free consultation when needed.
  9. Monitoring 7 days per week.
  10. Your own website similar to what AviWorlds has but you can choose the images and wording, promotions etc.
  11.  A third server. SPARE SERVER for expansion or for replacement.
  12. IDRIVE - backup in real time. ( the entire servers will be backed up in real time.
  13. Region and Robust daily backups and hourly.
  14. Backups monitoring and managing.
  15. Search Engine Optimization.
  16. Much more !


Alex Ferraris offers coaching calls for everyone interested in learning more about opensimulator grids, marketing strategies and more. If you are a candidate for Avi-Labs hosting services; this is strongly recommended.


Avi-Labs Hosting Program

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a monthly fee.  Avi-Labs will bill you each 30 days after the initial payment. 

This fee includes everything mentioned above.

Please send us an email to after payment has been submited with the following information.

  1. Grid name and domain.
  2. Domain control panel
  3. Avatar owner name
  4. Welcome region name
  5. 14 -20 region names and oars if available.
  6. All the other information will be requested after the grid has been placed online.