AviWorlds Land


AviWorlds Land

Avi-Labs uses only the most recent and most stable opensimulator versions.

Back ups and oar saving is done on a daily basis to ensure that a land owner's content and creations are safe and can be restored in case an issue happen.

Back ups and oars available on demand.

For a low fee of $5.00 per region; a land owner can request his or her regions oar file. The land owner will have to sign an affidavit affirming that the region's content is his or hers creation. The affidavit will be done via email.


Please make sure before finalizing a land purchase.

TOS regarding land ownership.

Avi-Labs does not guarantee stability. Opensimulator is still in developmental stages and things may go wrong.  Opensimulator has come a long way and it is getting better each day. 

All sales are final so please make sure before finalizing a land purchase subscription. 

Types of Physics available.

All AviWorlds regions come with UBODE as the standard physics.

Bullet is also available if requested by the land owner.

Please read how to upload mesh if you are going to keep UBODE as your region's physics.


Land / Price List

All region fees are not refundable. Please make sure before ordering a region.

Log into the website

In order to buy land you must have an account. Please go to the registration website . Register and log in with your email and password. Use button bellow.

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