HyperGrid Disabled

AviWorlds has HyperGrid disabled to discourage content theft and encourage content creators to join and become part of the AviWorlds community allowing for safer and more secure environment.

Owning Land

AviWorlds offers multiple ways to get land in world, you can get a free parcel, or purchase land directly from AviWorlds.

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AviWorlds only accepts Firestorm viewer and charges for uploads and groups creating a safer and more prosperous environment for all our creators. All new creators will get a 2000AV$ as an incentive to help with the upload fees and group creation fees.

Currency AV$

AviWorlds has a live currency, where you can buy, sell, and trade for goods and services inworld.

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Cloud Powered

AviWorlds grid services run in the cloud, allowing it to grow on-demand if tons of users login at once making sure you never miss any action in AviWorlds. Unlike the on-demand usage of the cloud, our cloud servers are always online with redundency for if downtime occurs.

Groups & Classifieds

AviWorlds offers you the ability to create groups, with a limit of 50 groups per avatar. AviWorlds also offers you the ability to list your classifieds, meaning the ability to show up in search is even easier.

AviWorlds: Let The Dreams Begin

AviWorlds is a free to join virtual world that allows you to make your dreams come to life.

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