About Us

AviWorlds is a virtual reality world platform created and hosted by Avi-Labs.
Residents can find new friends, love, build, create fantasies and do pretty much everything people do in the real world.
AviWorlds is not considered a game because it does not require the players to move up levels like in a game.

Who We Are

AviWorlds has never given up and to this day have the spark and flame that fires us to continue this project. Many Hardships along the way we underwent but with it all we have learned much more. After all we all grow and learn together. AviWorlds Future holds many great things.. We have some new plans in the works and are always improving on our code.. AviWorlds now has A new Owner and with that comes new talent. We are pleased to say That Josh Boam is the CEO and owner of the grid. His experience in running open simulator and the code that goes with it dates back to 2010.

A Message From Josh Boam

AviWorlds Means alot to me.. Over the years I have helped AviWorlds. I have a great passion for AviWorlds.. Something about the name gets me.. I Love working with Virtual Worlds and Open simulator... Databases and other fun stuff that goes along with running a grid.. I plan to not only keep AviWorlds online. But to improve what we have now.. Backing Up the grid is one of my top priority's... Keeping your content safe and accessible.. Please feel free to message if you have any questions to support at aviworlds.com

Enjoy AviWorlds