Avi-Labs/ AviWorlds grid privacy rules

AviWorlds does not ask for real names and or address, phone numbers or any type of documentation, payment information.

New users are only asked to create an avatar name (first name and last name),an email account and a password. No real names need.

Avi-Labs/AviWorlds grid does not store any type of payment information in its servers. It is all done via which is used as a third party payment collection company.

InWorld Purchases

InWorld purchases are made via our grid's currency AV$. 

It does not require the users (residents) to use any type of personal information or credit cards.

Private Region purchases.

All private region purchases are made via

Avi-Labs/AviWorlds does not keep any payment information in its servers and does not share any of related information.

All payment information is kept by