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How To Connect

  1. Download your viewer of choice. We recommand Firestorm which you can download Here
  2. Choose the down arrow on Grid: "found in step 1" Then select AviWorlds "step 2"
  3. If you do "Not" see AviWorlds on the list please follow the steps below"
  1. Go to "Viewer" and then "Preferences" or (CTRL + P).
  2. Select the "Opensim" tab.
  3. Then in the field of "Add new grid" put the URI -> login.aviworlds.com:8002
  4. Click "Apply" and then "OK"
  5. Once you have created the avatar account in the page https://aviworlds.com/auth/register, enter your fist and last name in the field, your password and part of "Grid" select "AviWorlds".
  6. if the "GRID" option does not appear to select the desired grid. Go to "Preferences" tab "Advanced" and check the "Allow login to other grids" option, as show below:
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