AviWorlds TOS (by Avi-Labs)


Keeping it simple.

If you register as a player in AviWorlds you are agreeing with terms of service as it is shown here and also agree that Avi-Labs may change, correct the terms of service as it sees fit or necessary without warning.

Player Conduct/Behavior

Players must respect each other.

Avi-Labs team will not interfere or get involved in a player's feud with another player except when extremely necessary. Usually this can be resolved by the region's owner.

Avi-Labs reserve the right to ban any player as it see fit or if it is a last resort.

Content Ownership & Copyright rules.

All players must respect other players materials, creations.

It is extremely prohibited to copy and sell other player's creations.

Players found copying other players creations will be banned from the AviWorlds and the copied material will be deleted.

Anyone with a copyright complaint must send an email to arpholdings@gmail.com with the creation picture, uuid, and the avatar name who copied it plus item's location.

All creations found to infringe copyrights will be deleted from AviWorlds permanently. 

AviWorlds currency AV$

Avi-Labs will grant a refund to the player. 

All refunds must be done through paypal.

A minimum of $5.00 worth of AV$ is required in order for the refund to be processed.

All refunds will be charged a $1.50 fee.

Please see the AviWorlds currency page for more details and instructions.

AV$ is a token and it is only valid as form of payment for items, creations and services within AviWorlds grid. It is not intended to be used as currency in real life.

If a player is banned his or her AV$ balance will be reclaimed after 30 days if the account is not reinstated.

Banned accounts cannot request AV$ refunds.

Fraud is very serious and if a player is found of committing souch a crime it will be reported to the proper authorities and the player will be banned for life.

Free land, promotions rules.

Avi-Labs reserve the rights to reclaim any free land given to a player as it sees fit or if the promotion needs to be closed out for any reasons.

Players who accept free land must maintain a significant presence inworld. Otherwise the land may and can be reclaimed and all the content found on the land will be deleted.

Avi-Labs reserve the rights to change or end the free land promotion at anytime.

Free land cannot be resold. It can be used for commercial purposes except land selling or renting.

AviWorlds data collection.

AviWorlds does not obtain users data in any way shape or form.

AviWorlds requires an email account and an avatar name and password.

No user will ever be asked for his/her real name or address.

All AviWorlds transactions are done via the venue PAYPAL.

OAviWorlds does not obtain users data in any way shape or form.n its servers. Only paypal has that data.