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Hi, welcome to Aviworlds. We value you as a resident of Aviworlds, but please follow our rules. We do check. Free parcels are nice, but please remember we also rent full SIMs that start at 10.00 a month for 20k prims.

(1) If you purchase this parcel, the fee will not be refundable.

(2) You're permitted one parcel per account; no exceptions. (Making multiple accounts to obtain multiple parcels will lead to a permanent ban from the grid.)

(3) Skyboxes must be at 3000–4000 meters from the ground; no exceptions. Anything below that will be returned.

(4) Residential only. Absolutely no clubs, casinos, or commercial buildings or businesses; no exceptions; no ban lines or banning of any member.

(5) Do NOT use GROUP DEED. (Doing so will lead to the loss of all parcels deeded to that group.)

(6) Please refrain from using the glow effect on objects out of respect for your neighbors.

(7) You must develop the parcel within 7 days, or the empty parcel will be reclaimed. One free parcel is to be given to one resident.

(8) No breedables or heavily scripted objects. NO NPC 

(9) Unobtrusive terraforming is permitted.

(10) No off-parcel or off-sim/region items are allowed. (Items must stay within the parcel boundary lines.)

(11) All existing parcels that are owned by non-AviWorlds residents will be immediately reclaimed.

(12) Please do not leave particles running on the SIM, as in balloons, NPC, etc.


(14) NO Tree houses No castles please keep homes at a medium

(16) Free Parcels If remain empty more then 30 days we will take parcel back. If you have not been in aviworlds more then 6 months we will refrain land

Please understand: We will return items without warning because everything is stated in the rules.

Thank you again for choosing Aviworlds.

updated 1/06/2024

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Note: Our Free Land Program is to bring people together however we strive to have private region rentals.
If you would like to rent a private region starting at 10$ a month click the link below for more info.
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