Free Land

Explore by Road, Air & Sea.

No Monthly Charges.

Access to TONS of regions.


Land is set for sale for 1000000 AV$ to prevent people from abusing the land
To Obtain a Parcel of land You need to message an online admin to help you acquire it
To Maintain ownership of your free Mainland Parcel You must login at least once in a 6 month period.
You are only allowed 1 Parcel Per account. ALT accounts cannot own free Mainland If we find out people are abusing this we will Reclaim the Land.
No Ban Lines allowed in Mainland!
Skyboxes MUST be inside the parcel lines and not below 3500 M in the air.
NO scripted farms allowed on mainland. Due to the intense workload required to run them. If you would like to own a farm please rent one of our region packages.
For any questions that you may have or to notify us of anything related to mainland please message our support at

Free Mainland Info

Get up to 5000 MAX Sqm FREE!
Get Access to all regions via roads, air or sea.
Explore for hours
Note: Our Free Land Program is to bring people together however we strive to have private region rentals.
If you would like to rent a private region starting at 10$ a month click the link below for more info.