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Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Feb 14 2023 8:44AM
Edited Feb 14 2023 8:44AM

New Destination Guide!

Today we are implmenting our new Destination Guide!   Be sure to check it out.. you can see the online version here http://guide.hosting4opensim.com/guides/tgguide/destination-guide.php   

We will automaticly update all mainland. All private regions MUST reboot their region from inworld to see the new guide take effect.

Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Feb 13 2023 8:39AM
Edited Feb 13 2023 8:39AM

AviWorlds Map Cleanup

AviWorlds will be doing a Maptile Cleans from old maps that are still around .. This means the grid will roll restart.. If you cannot login please try another region. 

Monday 13th Feb 2023

Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Feb 07 2023 1:56PM
Edited Feb 07 2023 1:56PM

Billing Issues

We are getting reports that some people were double charged this cycle if you have been effected please contact support@aviworlds.com

Posted By: Ven AviLabs
Made at Dec 23 2022 10:12AM
Edited Dec 23 2022 10:12AM

2022 in review

Happy holidays all. What a year it has been. We seen new people come and setup a home.
New website's, new ways of support and a new orientation island.
New events listing, forums, search (still being fixed)
But we are not done yet.
We have big plans that are already in the works for 2023.
Here is a short list of what we are working on.

New Marketplace website.
New Support Portal (yes its up but we got plans to expand it)
New premium plans and benefits
More mainland
And much much more in the pipelines

We got alot of work to do and we hope you all love what we release.
Thank you for all your support for this past year and hope you stick with us for another year.

Happy holidays from AviWorlds Staff and see you all in the new year.

Posted By: Ven AviLabs
Made at Dec 17 2022 6:26AM
Edited Dec 17 2022 6:26AM

New support and progress update on other products

If you havn't noticed yet there is a round chat bubble at the bottom right of this site. This is our new live chat system powered by the free Tawk.to system.
If you need immediate help we are there.

Also new is our new support portal. Tickets right now as I (ven) write up a bug reporting system. The knowledge Base is also powered by Tawk.to

So some confusing stuff to sort out.
Email support (support@aviworlds.com) is still available through our old support system powered by WHMCS found at services.aviworlds.com
If you are renting a region and/or currently a premium subscriber please continue to use our WHMCS system to manage your subscriptions as we are still working on our new billing system.

Why the changes?
We are doing this to better serve you all. We rather have you all have 1 login for all then seperate logins for everything we offer.

As for the marketplace, we are rewriting some areas to be able to do direct to inventory deliveries so no in world dropbox needed.
Please have a folder called Marketplace Inbox in your inventory if you want to sell stuff on the MP but don't worry if you don't, our system will make it for you when you create a store.

Billing is still in it's research and development phase so will be awhile before we are able to do beta tests.

Status Page! As you can see we also just recently rolled out our own status page system.
We did this because the offical Status Page that most companies use was not working out to well for us.

Thanks for sticking with us and happy holidays, sincerely Ven AviLabs

Posted By: Ven AviLabs
Made at Dec 11 2022 6:23PM
Edited Dec 11 2022 6:23PM

New stuff coming

Hey all Ven here. Got some stuff in the works i like to let you all know about.

1. New premium lands. Current premium users can still keep their islands.
The new lands will be given automatically when you get premium and claim a house on the up coming homes page
These new homes comes on a 1024 sqm land at no extra cost and lots of prims.

2. To go with the new premium lands is our new billing system.
This new system is where you be able to get premium, rent a sim and pay for marketplace purcheses.

3. YES Marketplace!
We are working on our own marketplace website that ties in with our new billing system.
You can see the work in progress at https://mp.aviworlds.com

4. Status page. We are also working on our own status page so you all can stay up to date on maintenances.

5. Need help? Our new support portal will let you make tickets. Tickets not enough? Our knowledge base may also be of help to you.

All sites have a single signon system that ties in with your login to this website, one account for all aviworlds websites.
Don't worry all other sites only store your name and grid UUID. Can give it a try now at our marketplace website.
Click Login with AviWorlds and start making a store. Dropbox and able to buy stuff are coming soon.

As you can see we got alot of work going on. They all won't be ready just yet so do please keep a eye on our News page and join our discord.

Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Nov 26 2022 2:05PM
Edited Nov 29 2022 9:28AM

New Affiliate Program Launched

Refer friends and family and earn!!

Keep 25% of all income made from your affiliate code!

Receive payouts of 25% Monthly for as long as they stay a customer!

No cost to join!

Simple setup. Log into your billing account or create one at https://services.aviworlds.com

Click on Affiliates tab and follow the instructions.

Cash-outs are minimum 50 USD and will be paid via Paypal.

Earn Passive income with AviWorlds today!


Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Nov 26 2022 8:52AM
Edited Nov 26 2022 8:52AM

Memory Leak Fixed!

We have fixed a game crashing memory leak. So far it is behaving as expected will monitor it for any issues..


Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Sep 22 2022 5:59PM
Edited Sep 22 2022 5:59PM

Updated Website

We have updated the website and should be much much faster now!   Thank you VEN!