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Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Nov 26 2022 2:05.09PM
Edited Nov 29 2022 9:28.35AM

New Affiliate Program Launched

Refer friends and family and earn!!

Keep 25% of all income made from your affiliate code!

Receive payouts of 25% Monthly for as long as they stay a customer!

No cost to join!

Simple setup. Log into your billing account or create one at https://services.aviworlds.com

Click on Affiliates tab and follow the instructions.

Cash-outs are minimum 50 USD and will be paid via Paypal.

Earn Passive income with AviWorlds today!


Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Nov 26 2022 8:52.42AM
Edited Nov 26 2022 8:52.42AM

Memory Leak Fixed!

We have fixed a game crashing memory leak. So far it is behaving as expected will monitor it for any issues..


Posted By: Josh Boam
Made at Sep 22 2022 5:59.28PM
Edited Sep 22 2022 5:59.28PM

Updated Website

We have updated the website and should be much much faster now!   Thank you VEN!