0922 Update Complete

Hello Thank you for the patience. The Update to has been completed for most of the grid.  Private customer servers have not been upgraded.  If you own a private server please let us know and we will go ahead and update if you wish.. Please note: This effects the entire grids script engine.. We just switched from XEngine to the new YEngine as the  XEngine is going to be phased out of the program over the next few releases . This means that you will need to reset some things in your region such as OSW Beacons and any online indicators  ( Anything that retains a script memory )    Most everything will work just as it did but you may notice some irregularity's in the new version and older scripts.  Please report anything to  Thank you for choosing AviWorlds!

Posted By: Josh Boam
Created Oct 15 2023 10:46AM
Edited Oct 15 2023 10:47AM