New support and progress update on other products

If you havn't noticed yet there is a round chat bubble at the bottom right of this site. This is our new live chat system powered by the free system.
If you need immediate help we are there.

Also new is our new support portal. Tickets right now as I (ven) write up a bug reporting system. The knowledge Base is also powered by

So some confusing stuff to sort out.
Email support ( is still available through our old support system powered by WHMCS found at
If you are renting a region and/or currently a premium subscriber please continue to use our WHMCS system to manage your subscriptions as we are still working on our new billing system.

Why the changes?
We are doing this to better serve you all. We rather have you all have 1 login for all then seperate logins for everything we offer.

As for the marketplace, we are rewriting some areas to be able to do direct to inventory deliveries so no in world dropbox needed.
Please have a folder called Marketplace Inbox in your inventory if you want to sell stuff on the MP but don't worry if you don't, our system will make it for you when you create a store.

Billing is still in it's research and development phase so will be awhile before we are able to do beta tests.

Status Page! As you can see we also just recently rolled out our own status page system.
We did this because the offical Status Page that most companies use was not working out to well for us.

Thanks for sticking with us and happy holidays, sincerely Ven AviLabs

Posted By: Ven Kellie
Created Dec 17 2022 6:26AM
Edited Dec 17 2022 6:26AM