Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from the AviWorlds staff.

Boy oh boy what a year it has been. Sadly we didn't implement some stuff I said a year ago that we would but we are still working on it.

We did just recently enabled inworld abuse reports, previous blog is about that.
We saw a clean up of the mainlands.
Tons of back end improvements to help keep the grid stable and online.

In the coming weeks we will be redoing this website, just the look from using Bootstrap styling to Flowbite/Tailwind.

We are almost ready for testings on our marketplace so stay tuned for that.

Sorry not much I can share right now but rest assured we do have plans in the works.

Anyways Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. See you all in 2024.

Posted By: Ven Kellie
Created Dec 24 2023 6:49PM
Edited Dec 24 2023 6:49PM