2022 in review

Happy holidays all. What a year it has been. We seen new people come and setup a home.
New website's, new ways of support and a new orientation island.
New events listing, forums, search (still being fixed)
But we are not done yet.
We have big plans that are already in the works for 2023.
Here is a short list of what we are working on.

New Marketplace website.
New Support Portal (yes its up but we got plans to expand it)
New premium plans and benefits
More mainland
And much much more in the pipelines

We got alot of work to do and we hope you all love what we release.
Thank you for all your support for this past year and hope you stick with us for another year.

Happy holidays from AviWorlds Staff and see you all in the new year.

Posted By: Ven Kellie
Created Dec 23 2022 10:12AM
Edited Dec 23 2022 10:12AM