New stuff coming

Hey all Ven here. Got some stuff in the works i like to let you all know about.

1. New premium lands. Current premium users can still keep their islands.
The new lands will be given automatically when you get premium and claim a house on the up coming homes page
These new homes comes on a 1024 sqm land at no extra cost and lots of prims.

2. To go with the new premium lands is our new billing system.
This new system is where you be able to get premium, rent a sim and pay for marketplace purcheses.

3. YES Marketplace!
We are working on our own marketplace website that ties in with our new billing system.
You can see the work in progress at

4. Status page. We are also working on our own status page so you all can stay up to date on maintenances.

5. Need help? Our new support portal will let you make tickets. Tickets not enough? Our knowledge base may also be of help to you.

All sites have a single signon system that ties in with your login to this website, one account for all aviworlds websites.
Don't worry all other sites only store your name and grid UUID. Can give it a try now at our marketplace website.
Click Login with AviWorlds and start making a store. Dropbox and able to buy stuff are coming soon.

As you can see we got alot of work going on. They all won't be ready just yet so do please keep a eye on our News page and join our discord.

Posted By: Ven Kellie
Created Dec 11 2022 6:23PM
Edited Dec 11 2022 6:23PM