Abuse Reports

It has come to our attention that inworld abuse reports were not working so we fixed that.
We are proud to announce that AviWorlds is the SECOND grid to enable inworld abuse reports.
The first grid is the new Canadian Grid where the discovery happened as well as tests on the new code that enables this feature.
So if you see something wrong please feel free to report it within your viewer.

Huge thanks to our own Ven Avilabs (yes me) for discovering how to enable the feature in opensim and writing the plugin.

Do you need a special viewer?
Do you need to refresh the grid's info before logging in?
Do you need to do anything special to enable it?
NOPE! All sims have restarted with the code.
How do i report something out of place like someone going over their parcel line?
Right click the object, select Annoyance then Report and give in detail of any information you can provide. Our staff will then investigate the issue.

Only TWO known issues with this new feature.
1. Our staff do NOT see the screenshot sadly, i'll fix that issue in a future update.
2. Takes abit longer then SecondLife to submit the report, no idea why it hangs for like 15 to 30 seconds.

Posted By: Ven Kellie
Created Dec 24 2023 9:16AM
Edited Dec 24 2023 9:20AM