VenWeb Updates

1.1.1 - Sept 5 2022

  • More backend work for admins

1.1.0e - Aug 17 2022

  • Added a cool new text editor to the system called TinyMCE

1.1.0d - Aug 13 2022

  • Added calculation for if all vars were 256 in size
  • This will be the FINAL update till 1.2 is released with a forum

1.1.0c - Aug 12 2022

  • Fixed a issue when uploading a pic for the welcome splash page. Thanks to AviWorlds for finding the bug.

1.1.0b - Aug 10 2022

  • Added land mass calculation to the grid status sidebar

1.1.0 - Aug 9 2022

  • Added support for release notes
  • Added GridStatus page
  • Added markdown language parsing
  • New WYSIWYG textarea for the markdown language
  • Added Release Notes link to the Support dropdown menu. Moderators and up (UserLevel 100+) can go to this section and add/edit release notes
  • Updated venweb.sql with the new releasenotes table
  • Added support for Atlassian's Status Page. STATUSPAGE_APIKEY in the .env can be retrieved from your Status Page control panel > Status embed > Build your own > Your page API docs It will look like where yourapikeyhere is what you put for STATUSPAGE_APIKEY= in the .env

1.0.3 - Aug 5 2022

  • Small bug fixes since i somewhat got money working on the test grid

1.0.2 - Aug 4 2022

Should of done this in the beginning sorry

  • Added this update md file to better keep track of updates and code changes